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Episode 2: Dragon of the Mist Part 2

16 January, 2008 (00:57) | Episodes | By: Sean

Second episode! I talk a little about composing melodies to chord progressions, then finish talking about the second half of my composition, Dragon of the Mist.

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What I Talk About:

  • Sweeney Todd won some award…
  • So did Ratatouille
  • Composing a different melody to a chord progression used by Mozart
  • The second half of Dragon of the Mist
  • Any ideas of which of my compositions to talk about next?
  • Leave a comment or email me about this podcast at

I’ll post pictures of the themes mentioned in this podcast soon…


Comment from Daniel
Time January 20, 2008 at 8:02 pm

That was pretty helpful, once again. You kept me hooked the entire hour; I kept cracking up.

By the way, you pronounced “Giacchino” correctly. When I went to the LOST Symphony event, Michael Giacchino introduced himself pronouncing his last name jyah-KEE-noh.

My favorite quotes:
- “Holy cow… I’m better than Mozart!”

- “If you don’t have a melody sense then I’m sorry, you can never be a composer. You should just quit now and never try to do it, ’cause it cannot be taught; it’s innate. And there’s no hope for you at all so stop trying.”

- “If you have a question, you can always email me… or pray to me and maybe I’ll hear it.. after I die.”

Comment from Mark
Time April 3, 2008 at 11:04 pm

The Mozart thing was … awesome … I don’t think you are better than Mozart (no one is, just imagine what he would have done in the 20th century) … but that redo was great. It made me clap … yeah!

We need a score for this one … I would love to follow it.

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